Spelunky Level Generation

Mark Brown released an excellent video called ‘How (and why) Spelunky makes its own levels’ on his Game Maker’s Toolkit YouTube channel, showcasing level generation in Spelunky. You can see footage of the Yet Another Spelunky Mod in the video showing entire levels of Spelunky Classic and aiding to visualize how individual rooms within the level are generated using hand-crafted templates with random variations. Mark’s … Continue reading Spelunky Level Generation

Revisiting Abandoned Mines

I ended up resuming development of the ‘Spelunky Miner’ mod mentioned in the previous post, with the intention of making it playable enough that it can be released. The gameplay follows the formula of classic mining games where you alternate between digging for valuables in the mine and returning to the surface to sell your loot, restock your supplies, and upgrade your equipment so you … Continue reading Revisiting Abandoned Mines

Yet Another Spelunky Mod Update 1.8.1

This update includes bug fixes and new features. The YASM configuration tool has also been updated, so overwrite the old one, then run it to enable the new options. If this is your first time trying YASM, you’ll just need the ‘sound’ folder included with the original version of Spelunky Classic. Download Yet Another Spelunky Mod 1.8.1. Option for player to be able to change … Continue reading Yet Another Spelunky Mod Update 1.8.1

Yet Another Spelunky Mod 1.8 Released

Get it here. New in 1.8: Test chamber has option to display solution path to exit and level generation layout (as seen in previous posts, here and here). In-game help menu (press F1) for controls, inventory system, and selling to shops. Bizarre Mode now has a unique ending (completing the game in Bizarre Mode unlocks Bizarre Mode Plus). Enemy and loot balancing in bizarre mode. … Continue reading Yet Another Spelunky Mod 1.8 Released

Rooms and Obstacles

Darius Kazemi recently demonstrated and explained in detail how levels are generated in Spelunky: I’ve added similar visual aids as an option in the level generation test room for the upcoming update of Yet Another Spelunky Mod. The solution path and room layout for all four areas will be visible in playable levels from either the default view or zoomed out so that the whole … Continue reading Rooms and Obstacles