Rooms and Obstacles

Darius Kazemi recently demonstrated and explained in detail how levels are generated in Spelunky:

spelunkylessonsI’ve added similar visual aids as an option in the level generation test room for the upcoming update of Yet Another Spelunky Mod. The solution path and room layout for all four areas will be visible in playable levels from either the default view or zoomed out so that the whole level is visible.



The 5×3 obstacle templates that further randomize individual rooms are outlined in blue (air), green (ground), and red (start/exit).

The level generation test room can be accessed (in YASM 1.7+) by bringing the torch on the title screen to the background carving with the glowing eyes above the ‘K’:


I haven’t added tile labels and obstacle outlines to the jungle, ice, and temple levels yet, but I have the solution path displaying correctly in the lake levels and ice caves now.


The solution path for ice cave levels (aside from Yeti caves) don’t usually apply due to the sparse layout of individual rooms. Ice caves with alien ships ignore the solution path anyway, as there is always a route around them.


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