Yet Another Spelunky Mod Update 1.8.1

Yet Another Spelunky Mod 1.8.1

This update includes bug fixes and new features. The YASM configuration tool has also been updated, so overwrite the old one, then run it to enable the new options. If this is your first time trying YASM, you’ll just need the ‘sound’ folder included with the original version of Spelunky Classic.

Download Yet Another Spelunky Mod 1.8.1.

  • Option for player to be able to change between walk/run speed in mid-air without touching the ground first (like Spelunky HD).
  • Option for improved water movement. Press down to sink faster, press up to sink slower.
  • When stunned enemies are about to regain consciousness, the star above their head will spin slightly faster.
  • Prevented melee weapons from nudging items that were intended to be stuck/hidden inside solid walls.
  • Made it easier for player to jump up into 1 block wide gaps.
  • Wall graphics will update when nearby walls have been destroyed to show detailed top and bottom edges instead of looking flat.
  • Destroying the stone pedestal holding a gold idol will now trigger the trap.
  • Prevented loss of bomb bag and rope pile held items (after pulling them out of inventory) when another item was pulled from inventory while they were still being held.
  • Improved explosion collisions. If there is a wall between an explosion and a damsel, the damsel is likely to survive the blast. Also, a cluster bombs will trigger each other faster instead of causing an delayed series of explosions that rises into the air.
  • Read the full release notes.
  • Main page and overview of the mod.
Two new options, found of page 3.
Two new options, found of page 3 of YASM config.

Several changes in this update were inspired by playing the two Spelunky Classic mods below. Play them yourself!

  • Spelunky SD by YellowAfterlife adds online multiplayer and chat to the game, along with many fixes.
  • Spelunky Natural by Urza focuses on the Damsel playable character, giving her special powers. With all the other fixes, improvements and a powerful level editor, it’s your best choice if you’re interested in making custom levels.

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