Abandoned Caves

I’d like to write a series of posts focusing on Spelunky Classic mods that I’ve abandoned or left unfinished. As a preview, here’s some screenshots of a few of them:

This ‘Miner’ mod never had a proper name. You dig as deep as you can for ore, cashing it in and buying upgrades on the surface. In the tradition of games like Motherload (Flash) and Miner Dig Deep (Xbox Live). More details on this mod in another post.
The ‘Spelunky Challenge’ mod was the collaborative successor of Seed of Spelunky that added daily challenges and more. You could race against yourself or others to beat your time or score. Previous runs were recorded and the ghost images played back for you to race against.
The ‘Gardevoir’ mod. This was a collaboration (I don’t know anything about Pokemon). A spin-off of YASM where the player could drift through the air briefly and had a shield ability that would regenerate over time.
The map menu from a mod that was just called ‘Jetpack’. It was meant to be something like the game ‘Air Fortress’ (NES) but taking place in caves instead of space stations. Playing with cave generation methods was fun.
An early build of Caveman Convoy, a Lemmings clone. The yellow brick steps didn’t suit the blocky game world and were replaced with ladders and horizontal platforms instead of any diagonal digging/building abilities like the original Lemmings game. More screenshots of this one over on the Screenshot Bin page.
The intro/splash screen of a mod that would let you edit all the game defaults using external text configuration files that would get loaded when the game starts. The plan was to allow for custom room templates, editing starting equipment and stats, enemy properties and spawn frequency, etc. This would allow people without Game Maker to customize the game difficulty or make simple mods. This never got off the ground enough to be playable but I guess I had fun making this stupid meme image.

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