Revisiting Abandoned Mines

I ended up resuming development of the ‘Spelunky Miner’ mod mentioned in the previous post, with the intention of making it playable enough that it can be released. The gameplay follows the formula of classic mining games where you alternate between digging for valuables in the mine and returning to the surface to sell your loot, restock your supplies, and upgrade your equipment so you can dig even deeper.

Here’s a short gameplay video:

Added another video after fixing the map, showing gameplay from the start. Progression is fast and easy right now for the sake of testing – elevators will be more expensive and maybe require a certain depth to be reached before they are available in the shop.

What are the numbers on the top left?

Spelunky Miner HUD

  • The blue bar is the amount of kerosene remaining in your lamp. As your kerosene gets low, the radius of your lamp gets smaller. Upgrade (and refill) your lamp in the shop for increased light radius – which allows you to reveal the location of valuables from greater distances – and kerosene capacity, so you stay underground longer.
  • The green arrow shows your current depth in the mine and the deepest depth you have explored. When you are on the surface, your amount of money is shown instead.
  • The brown blob is your bag, showing how many slots are being used and your maximum available slots. Upgrade your bag in the shop to hold more stuff.

In its current state, the HUD is a blatant copy of the HUD from Miner Dig Deep, the XBOX Live game that this mod is based on.

On the top right is the total amount of time played in the current game. This (and the name of the mine) won’t likely be visible on the HUD later on, but it’s shown among other stats of your saved game when you are in the Load menu.

Update 2:

I dug this one up (ha!) and fixed it enough to be released in its unfinished state.

Download Spelunky Miner (2019 Abandoned Release)

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