Spelunky Level Generation

Mark Brown released an excellent video called ‘How (and why) Spelunky makes its own levels’ on his Game Maker’s Toolkit YouTube channel, showcasing level generation in Spelunky.

How Spelunky Makes Levels - YouTube
Game Maker’s Toolkit – How Spelunky Makes Levels (YouTube)

You can see footage of the Yet Another Spelunky Mod in the video showing entire levels of Spelunky Classic and aiding to visualize how individual rooms within the level are generated using hand-crafted templates with random variations. Mark’s narration and very polished editing make his video the best place to start if you’re interested how Spelunky’s levels are generated, or procedural generation in general.

If you’re interested in reading more on the subject, the next step would be to look at Spelunky Generator Lessons by Darius Kazemi or reading Derek Yu’s book, “Spelunky” (paperback/eBook). Read an excerpt from the book on Gamasutra.

You can also check out some of my previous posts linked below that contain lots of screenshots of level generation in Spelunky Classic. You could also play with generating a bunch of levels in Yet Another Spelunky Mod yourself (read farther down on the mod description page for instructions on accessing the Test Chamber, where you can generate levels to your specifications).

YASM - Test Chamber Menu
Custom level generation in YASM’s Test Chamber.
Yet Another Spelunky Mod showing full level view with path to exit.
Press F9 in YASM to save a screenshot to the game folder.

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