Yet Another Spelunky Mod

Are you ready to get over-encumbered?

Yet Another Spelunky Mod (YASM) is a modification for Spelunky Classic that focuses on customization. The included configuration program has options to toggle most of the added features, allowing the player to play with no more than a few added control and interface tweaks, all the way up to new gameplay modes and difficulty levels.


  1. Features
  2. Download
  3. Installation
  4. Inventory Controls
  5. Video Links
  6. Test Chamber (Level Generation Sandbox)


  • Inventory system – put away items for later use, and set hotkeys for quick access to your favorite items.
  • Sell your unwanted items and equipment to shopkeepers.
  • Toggle equipment in the inventory menu. For example you may want disable the bomb paste in a situation where you need to drop a bomb down a hole instead of having it get stuck to the side of the wall.
  • Quick restart – start a new game without returning to the title screen after you die.
  • Support for playing custom levels made with Editor Plus (ANSI and UTF-8).
  • Includes Magic Signs.
  • Customize length of time before the ghost appears (or never!).
  • You can hold UP to fire the bow at an upward angle.
  • Knock items around and open crates and chests with melee weapons (including incoming arrows).
  • Option to prevent dropping held items when flipping down to hang off a ledge.
  • Bizarre Mode adds an extra challenge, with new enemies, level layouts, and ending scene.
  • A secret ‘test chamber’ that puts you in control of the random level generator.
  • Portable – your scores and progress are saved to a file in the game folder instead of the Windows registry. No more losing progress when taking Spelunky with you on a USB stick or in the cloud!
  • For gamepad users, an option to use the ‘purchase’ button instead of ‘up’ to enter doors.
  • Set custom labels for your gamepad buttons as they appear in-game, so they match your gamepad model.
  • Support for custom sprite mods.
  • and more.. (see full release notes)


Check the Downloads page if you’re looking for previous versions.


If you downloaded the latest ‘full’ package, you just need to extract the zip file to a folder (older downloads only include the modified files and require the rest of the Spelunky Classic files).

Before launching YASM, run the included YASM_Config program, and select options to suit your gameplay style. If you play Spelunky with a gamepad, use the improved joystick configuration menu to match the button labels to your gamepad model. Read the included text file for more detailed information about the mod.

New visual theme for YASM Bizarre Mode.
Completing the game in Bizarre Mode unlocks Bizarre Mode Plus!
Bizarre Mode gameplay.
Seems like a fair price. Some shopkeepers will try to low-ball prices for your goods!
More hotkeys than Skyrim! Wait.. what? Assign your currently held item to a hotkey by pressing CTRL+0-9, then press 0-9 to retrieve that item.

Inventory Controls

  • There’s an in-game help screen (press F1) included in the 1.8 update that will guide you through the inventory system controls.
  • Press SWITCH while holding DOWN to place your currently held item into your inventory.
  • Press SWITCH any other time to cycle through all your items.
  • In the pause screen, move the selection box (up/down/left/right) over an item and press ACTION to take it out. Press ACTION on a piece of worn equipment to un-equip/re-equip it.
  • Press PURCHASE to try to sell your currently held item to a shopkeeper. If he makes an offer, press PURCHASE again to accept.
  • Remove a piece of worn equipment by pressing PURCHASE on it from the pause screen. You can then sell it like any other item.
  • Shopkeepers have a limited amount of money. If a shopkeeper can’t afford to buy your goods, consider purchasing something from his shop so he has more to spend.
  • The hotkey bar is visible while holding CTRL. Add your currently held item to a hotkey slot by holding CTRL and pressing a number. Press the number by itself to pull that item from your inventory.


Test Chamber

From the level generation test chamber you can generate single level scenarios or just check out the procedural generation. For example if you wanted to test your shop-robbing skills, or bomb the entire city of gold, etc. Scores are not recorded.

How to reveal to door to the level generation test chamber: In the title room there is a carving in the background with faintly glowing eyes above the “K” in the “SPELUNKY” logo. Bring the torch there to reveal the door.

Use the mouse to select a level and toggle setting and starting equipment. Click the “TEST” button or press the action key to start.

How much gold is in the City of Gold, anyway? Let’s do some demolition.


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