YASM Release Notes

Changelog for Yet Another Spelunky Mod.

1.8.1 (July 2014)

  • Added option for player to be able to change between walk/run speed in mid-air without touching the ground first (more like Spelunky HD).
  • Added option for improved water movement (from Spelunky Natural). Press down to sink faster, press up to sink slower.
  • Fixed nudging items with melee weapons causing items and treasure that were supposed to stay stuck in blocks to pop out.
  • When stunned enemies are about to regain consciousness, the star above their head will spin slightly faster.
  • Player can jump in 1 block high passages.
  • Made it easier for player to jump up into 1 block wide gaps.
  • The ‘frills’ on the top and bottom edge of blocks will be updated when surrounding blocks are destroyed instead of looking flat.
  • Prevented gold nuggets from popping out of the top of gravestones.
  • Using arrow bombs now reduces bomb count.
  • Destroyed idol pedestals will now trigger boulder traps.
  • Explosions collisions are a bit more forgiving. Bomb explosion chain reactions will be faster and usually stay low instead of causing a delayed series of explosions that rises into the air.
  • If there is a block between and explosion and a damsel, the damsel is likely to survive the blast.
  • Restored thicker drop shadows on the default font to make it easier to read against light backgrounds.
  • Fixed inventory bug where holding a bomb bag or rope pile (from pressing Pay in the inventory menu) and pulling out another item from the inventory menu would cause the bomb bag or rope pile to be destroyed instead of added to inventory.
  • Fixed transparancy/drawing issues with background on pause screens.
  • Fixed player sometimes entering doors when not intended when ‘Enter doors with Pay button’ option was enabled.
  • Fixed increased jump height caused when jumping off ladder with faster climb speed option enabled.
  • Fixed ‘Full level view’ option in test chamber not displaying correctly while using ‘Fit to screen’ graphic setting.

1.8 (May 2014)

  • Updated Magic Signs to v2.2.3
  • Giant Spiders in bizarre mode will only have a chance to drop crates if the player already has bomb paste
  • Vampires in bizarre mode will only have a chance to drop other items if the player already has a cape (excluding vampires that spawn in enclosed treasure rooms)
  • Reduced frequency of vampires in bizarre mode
  • Increased favor (sacrifice) value of some of the cavemen with extra abilities in bizarre mode. The ones
    wearing a wizard hat or white crash helmet are worth 4, and the bomb thrower is worth 5. The rest are worth 3. By comparison, normal cavemen are worth 2 and hawkmen are worth 6.
  • UFO lasers will now trigger arrow traps
  • There is now a rare chance of finding an alien inside jars
  • Breaking a jar with the whip no longer instantly kill the snake or spider that was inside
  • Snakes and spiders that spawn from broken jars pause for a moment before attacking
  • Removed chance of finding a basketball inside jars, added basketball as a rare item found in crates
  • Friendly gold pooping monkey appears when gold idol is sacrificed on an altar
  • Changed value of sapphire to $300. Sapphire and ruby were previously both worth $400.
  • Added gnounc’s camera mod. Pressing up or down while holding the ‘pay’ button will look up or down without the delay. Default ‘slow-look’ is still functional.
  • If user has selected a screen scale in config that will result in the game window height being taller than display resolution height, the game will automatically switch to TyrOvC’s soft fullscreen mode.
  • Replacement sprites (PNG) will be imported from the sprites folder using TyrOvC’s script from the translation release, allowing for graphics mods.
  • Extended 8×8 pixel font sFontSmall (global.myFontSmall) to ASCII code 126 to include lower case letters.
  • Added 4×6 pixel font sFontTiny (global.myFontTiny). Includes ASCII 32 to 126.
  • Traps will now be triggered if a monkey moves the idol
  • Made some of the item selection boxes in level generation test menu easier to click
  • Prevented player from jumping after pressing JUMP to exit inventory
  • Movement of normal spiders is less erratic and floaty, now more like those in Spelunky HD
  • Green spiders movement is less floaty, more unpredictable
  • Added Urza’s gold trap sprites made for Psi-Lunky
  • Added more shopkeeper names
  • Added alternative end/credits scenes for bizarre mode
  • Fixed error message when traps are triggered in custom levels
  • Fixed ball and chain not being removed from player after being added using the Editor Plus mod tile in a custom level
  • You can now press Switch/Item while holding up to toggle sticky bombs (idea shamelessly borrowed from Spelunky Natural)
  • Added pressing Jump button to remove selected item from inventory (in addition to Pay button)
  • In bizarre mode, tomb lords and alien bosses that spawn outside their normal level type should always drop something when they die
  • Alien boss will now face right if it spawns on the left half of the level
  • Boulders will now break spider webs
  • Olmec now has a greater chance of spawning fire frogs from glowing orbs in bizarre mode
  • Added another presence to the final boss room in bizarre mode
  • Music will continue to play at a reduced volume while the game is paused
  • Removed F1 as suicide key on any pause screen and disabled bomb key for suicide on help screens
  • Pressing F1 pauses game and jumps to help pages (explains additional controls/features of YASM)
  • Pressing F2 in-game skips to the pause screen that contains the map
  • The exit location is shown on the map if player is carrying a compass
  • Added option to display level path solution in test chamber
  • Added Shift-M and Ctrl-M to increase/decrease music volume in-game. Volume changes using these keys aren’t saved between sessions (use config program for that). Pressing M on its own toggles music on/off as usual.
  • Added variables to customize arrow traps, projectile/environmental/trap damage using Magic Signs
  • Screenshot key (F9) will save screenshot at 1x scale when holding shift
  • Multiple exits in custom levels will each have their own compass arrow (based on halibabica’s improvements for Editor Plus).
  • Added object help labels. Click or hold LMB to show object descriptions. Mouse cursor hides automatically when not in use.
  • Fixed tan spring trap sprite origin
  • Added a few movement tweaks from Spelunky Natural, including the jump in the opposite direction from a hanging position.
  • Custom levels can now use TITLE, VICTORY and CREDITS music tracks
  • Added fireball repeaters that spurt from lava pools in bizarre mode
  • Bizarre mode plus is unlocked upon completing the game in bizarre mode
  • Permitted scores to be recorded in bizarre mode
  • Explosions now kill blobs instantly
  • Added SuperSound extension (external supersound.dll no longer needed)
  • Updated config program with SuperSound extension, changed screen scale list to show actual window resolution.
  • Removed box from HUD that shows currently held item.

1.7.2 (August 2013)

  • Changed intro sequence to daytime, restored intro text, randomized intro scene objects
  • Fixed shrubs from Editor Plus that were not usable as platforms
  • Added instructions in readme on how to get to test chamber
  • Updated Magic Signs to v2.2.2
  • Changes to Zalgo mode

1.7 (July 2013)

  • Each shopkeeper spawns with a limited amount of money. Buying and selling items increases/decreases his total money, and the shopkeeper will drop this amount on when killed (from Delver’s YASM fan mod).
  • You can ‘break the bank’ when playing the dice house if you win often enough that the shopkeeper runs out of money (Delver)You can now carry multiples of the same equipment in your inventory (Delver)
  • When carrying multiple parachutes or ankhs, the next one will automatically be equipped when one is used
  • Fixed music on title screen not looping
  • Fixed bomb paste icon not appearing in HUD
  • Added spraying debris when blocks are destroyed
  • All level editor tiles are unlocked by default
  • Classic mode level generation has been returned to vanilla Spelunky method, and new room layouts have been moved to bizarre mode
  • Added config option to disable the frozen region
  • Added inventory hotkeys
  • Added option to enable parallax background scrolling
  • Moved level generation ‘test chamber’ entrance to title screen and added more options
  • Smash traps now damage UFOs and ManTraps instead of passing through them
  • Fixed jungle level border appearing in mines after dying in a jungle lake level
  • Added TyrOvC’s soft fullscreen mode
  • Added config option to use the Pay button to enter doors instead of pressing up (like Spelunky HD)
  • Magma and Magma Men now emit light in dark levels
  • An explosion can get a motionless boulder rolling again. This weakens the boulder each time, increasing the chance that the next explosion will break it.
  • Jars and skulls slightly more durable so they don’t break from short drops
  • Added option to allow opening of crates and chests with whip, mattock or machete
  • Added ‘quick restart’ button. After dying, press Jump/Esc to exit to the highscore screen, or press Attack to start a new game (remembers last shortcut used).
  • Added a few seconds delay on the game over screen until the controls respond to input to prevent instant quit/restarts upon death if you were mashing the buttons in your final moments
  • Fixed bug with rope/bomb count not being updated properly with thieving monkeys and quick use keys
  • If supersound.dll or the sound folder is missing on startup, a helpful error message will be shown instead of a useless one
  • Changed game intro sequence
  • Prevented Olmec from suicide by continuing to crush floor after player is dead
  • Prevented moving boulders from pushing player off ladders and getting stuck in mid-air
  • Prevented boulders from blocking level exit
  • Heavy items can no longer be held while doing a ledge grab flip
  • Updated Magic Signs to 2.2.1
  • Improved config program keyboard/gamepad config, added gamepad button label editor to joyconfig so that gamepad users will see proper names of their gamepad buttons in-game instead of “B2” etc. Default labels correspond to Spelunky HD control layout (XBOX 360 controller).
  • Set config program to 200% fixed scale instead of using room views at double scale to fix distorted sprites/pixels
  • All YASM settings are now changed in the config program and are stored in the yasm.cfg file. The yasmsettings.txt file from previous versions is no longer used.
  • Improved appearance of cape on player. Cape position follows player when ducking, does not flap while crawling, not visible during fliphang animation.
  • Improved monkey behaviour, they will now climb ropes and ladders in the same way they climb vines, and occasionally jump when wandering, will fall to the ground if not spawned on a vine instead of being stuck in mid-air
  • Added mouse wheel scrolling to list navigation to joy/keyboard config
  • Fixed broken lake levels created in test level generator menu
  • Added up/down keys and scroll wheel to navigate level generator menu
  • Added more objects for Editor Plus compatibility (palm trees, vending machines)
  • Added automatic screenshot of the final score screen (placed in game folder)
  • Increased delay until Kali devours players’ corpse if it lands on an altar
  • Added option for ghost delay randomizer (suggested by TheCyanKnight)
  • ManTraps now gain health from meals
  • Skulls can be smashed with melee weapons or bullets, allowing play to check if skeletons will rise from bone piles
  • The tunnel man will not appear to ask for money if you have used the ‘unlock shortcuts’ option
  • Reduced damsel stun time when dropped gently instead of thrown
  • Flares can be used to disintegrate webs
  • Added option to use melee (whip/mattock/machete) weapons to nudge items and treasure. Also allows knocking flying arrows away.
  • Disabled visibility of hotkey bar if player sets keyboard settings to use CTRL or when inventory system disabled
  • Added option to allow enemies to wear down webs when they are stuck
  • Added option for player to limit the number of inventory slots available
  • Added global.mattockBreak so player can adjust the chance of mattocks breaking with Magic Signs. Default is 20 (1 in 20 chance each use). Set to 0 for unbreakable mattocks.
  • Extended collison of whip and mattock halfway into the player so that objects directly on the player can be attacked (to open crates/chests and attack overlapping enemies)
  • Fixed vines hanging from bottom of lush blocks not being deleted when block is destroyed with mattock
  • Changed how spider webs work. Objects will quickly slow down and damage the web slightly before becoming stuck. Melee weapons can also damage webs (from least to most effective: whip, mattock, machete).
  • Fixed error when player picks up trapped idol in temple when stone doors have already been destroyed
  • Fixed parachute being wasted by being deployed very close to ground
  • Added option to replace metal spikes with wood spikes in levels generation. These behave like spikes from an early version of the Spelunky, allowing the player to drop onto them safely when directly above them (from Urza’s Magic Signs example).
  • Fixed player taking extra damage from bouncing too much when stunned
  • Trying to swap currently held item into a full inventory from pause menu or by pressing switch in-game will drop the held item and switch to the next/selected item instead of preventing the switch
  • All items and equipment can now properly be stolen from shops by swapping them into your inventory. Be careful!
  • Added Urza’s scrUniCode for ANSI and UTF-8 compatibility
  • Prevented launched rope from getting caught on corners of blocks and not reaching its maximum possible thrown height
  • Bizarre mode made more playable by reducing default amount of enemies and traps
  • Closed off access to bizarre mode from side of high scores room. Game mode is toggled by a door on the title screen now, allowing you to use any shortcuts unlocked in classic mode for bizarre mode.
  • The prevously cosmetic hats/masks that cavemen wear now affect abilities and item drops: Santa hat drops presents, link cap drops a gem, bomb or bow, wizard hat can cast a pathetic spell, blob mask is a caveman with a blob on his face, gold crown drops gold, safety helmet likes to throw rocks, death mask throws bombs.
  • The hat-wearing caveman above can be created using Magic Signs. Their object names are: oManLink, oManCrown, oManWizard, oManHelmet, oManBomber, oManBlob, oManSanta.
  • The special cavemen listed above have slightly improved navigation abilities
  • Tunnel man will not ask for money in bizarre mode
  • Removed poison mechanics from the game. Previously poisonous enemies that were added from Spelunky X mod still exist as non-toxic versions.
  • Modified green spider movement to be more cunning now that it is not poisonous
  • ManTraps in bizarre mode have slightly reduced stun time, will gain health by eating, and sometimes have a strange appetite
  • Style of transition rooms between levels now fits with the bizarre mode theme
  • Monkeys in bizarre mode are more likely to ignite a bomb they steal from the player
  • Added recolored springboard sprites for non-ice levels in bizarre mode
  • Hawkmen now have a chance to drop gold in bizarre mode
  • Final boss in bizarre mode is more challenging due to changes in behaviour and room layout
  • Removed ‘outlaw’ shopkeeper enemy from bizarre mode
  • Added a special item that can rarely be found in crates in bizarre mode
  • Zalgo mode is enabled if a file named ‘zalgo’ (no extension) exists in the game folder when YASM is started. The game may become unplayable due to collision issues or produce errors after some time. Precautions have been added to keep scores and stats files from being overwritten in this mode. Based on the Zalgo Summoning Ritual script by Pteriforever.
  • Fixed glitch where ropes could be created on the other side of walls if holding a rope item and crouching (Urza)
  • Fixed ManTraps being able to eat while sleepy
  • Fixed bug where if player offered to sell a piece of equipment to the shopkeeper and the shopkeeper declined, pressing Down and Switch to place the item back into inventory would anger the shopkeeper
  • ManTraps could be stunned or killed by player weapons at the same moment they begin eating the player, preventing the animation showing the player being eaten. Now the ManTrap always gets its meal.
  • Prevented damage to player by collisions through corners of blocks with bats, UFOs, frogs and zombies

1.6 (January 2011)

  • Updated Magic Signs to 2.1.1
  • Added global.skipTransition variable. Set this to 1 using Magic Signs to skip the transition/scoreboard screen in between custom levels (must be set for each level). This enables you to have instant level transitions between interconnected levels.
  • A few minor bug fixes

1.5 (December 2010)

  • Arrow now does 2 damage to everything, instead of 2 damage to player and 1 damage to enemies (bonus damage to vampires is unchanged)
  • Rock now does 1 damage to everything, instead of 2 damage to player and 1 damage to enemies
  • The tunnel man playable character can now swing his mattock in mid-air for use as a weapon, but cannot break walls when doing so
  • Replaced cape with mattock in level generation item selection menu
  • The mod now uses a separate stats file (stats_YASM.txt)
  • Names of unencountered enemy/trap kills/deaths are no longer hidden in stats file
  • Added stat tracking for money earned, money spent, sacrifices, and suicides
  • Kali will accept the player’s body as a sacrifice on her altar
  • Added compatibility with recent updates of Editor Plus (layers, custom crate contents, alien tiles)
  • Added Magic Signs 2.0
  • Added new object/sprite resources that can be used with Magic Signs
  • Added enemies from Spelunky X (along with poison mechanics). They can be encountered in bizarre mode or used with Magic Signs.
  • Treasure in custom levels now use base values

1.4.1 (September 2010)

  • Rocks, flares, skulls and fish bones are no longer stackable by default
  • Added option to allow player to stack the above items like in previous versions of the mod
  • Fixed incorrect resale prices for items in levels 1 and 2
  • Fixed bug in Editor Plus levels where Giant Spider/Yeti King/Alien Boss that was set to drop a custom item still dropped gems
  • Fixed rope not being created by a thrown rope when outside of screen view
  • Fixed single rope item disappearing if it fell off screen
  • Fixed bug where player could exceed maximum inventory slots by picking up a new bow

1.4 (September 2010)

  • You can now carry more than one unstackable item of the same type in your inventory
  • Changed custom level end scene
  • Adjusted amount of money shopkeepers have to buy goods from player
  • Added support for playing custom levels made with Editor Plus
  • You can now press Down on Editor Plus checkpoints to reactivate them
  • Fixed bug where selling a jar to a shopkeeper caused it to break
  • Prevented player from being killed instantly by being thrown inside a wall
  • Fixed incorrect Mega mouth object ‘type’
  • Fixed position of held key sprite when facing right/left
  • Fixed bug where tomb lord might not appear in level 13
  • Fixed error when feeding a held enemy to a ManTrap

1.3 (August 2010)

  • Inventory menu is now integrated into the pause screen, allowing the Switch key to swap through your inventory without pausing the game
  • Item inventory is now limited to 16 slots
  • There is now a chance something will fall out of your inventory when you get stunned. Chances of this happening are low, but increases with the more inventory slots you use.
  • You can now sell your unwanted items and equipment to shopkeepers
  • Mantraps will now eat yetis, hawkmen, and vampires (uses halibabica’s sprites from Tastes Like Spelunky)
  • Fixed player still being vulnerable to explosion damage when invincible after being hit or revived with the Ankh
  • Fixed Damsel icon remaining in held item HUD box after dropping her off at the exit
  • Fixed bug where jars, skulls, and rope ends tended to fall through solids while off-screen

1.2 (August 2010)

  • Added a few more room templates to the mines and lush areas
  • Fixed player being able to shoplift by swapping to the empty slot from inventory menu

1.1 (August 2010)

  • Added option to increase amount of enemies or trap generated in levels
  • Fix for held rope/bomb not being added back into the inventory count when switching to another inventory item
  • Fixed music not being able to be toggled back on from title screen once toggled off

1.0 (July 2010)

  • Added inventory system and stuff
  • Scores are now saved to external file in game folder (yasm.dat) instead of using the Windows registry. This save file is not compatible with saves from Spelunky Portable.
  • More objects appear in the held item box in the HUD
  • When holding an armed bomb or arrow-bomb, the held item HUD box displays a
    countdown timer
  • Added more room templates for level generation in the mines
  • Used existing game sounds to play appropriate effects when player wins money, wins prize, or loses at craps game
  • Custom level editor usability: press G to toggle a visible grid, use arrow keys to quickly scroll view.
  • Added level generation test menu (press F12 from title screen)
  • You can now hold Up to fire the bow at an upward angle
  • If you drop a damsel gently (holding Down) on the ground in front of you, she will return to her idle state after recovering from the stun instead of running away
  • When playing as the tunnel man, if there is any occasion where the player may receive another mattock item, it has been replaced with something else
  • The mattock is now context sensitive. If you are using it as a weapon to attack a conscious enemy or smash open a jar, it will not break the block underneath. Mattock only has chance of breaking when used to break blocks.
  • Added slight random variation to the velocity at which you are thrown by Yetis, Hawkmen, and Shopkeepers. This should reduce the chance of the player being caught in endless rebound throws.
  • Player can no longer pick up dice that have already been rolled when playing craps game
  • Ropes are now easier to grab while jumping past them in mid-air
  • Fixed bug where if player was struck by an enemy while climbing a rope, they could get knocked to the side and remain stuck floating in the air
  • Fixed several stat tracking bugs
  • Fixed player fall damage bug
  • Fixed backwards sound effect pan for shouting Damsel
  • Prevented cape from continue to flap if player died in mid-air
  • Fixed: If player was killed by a ghost or mantrap and was revived with the ankh, the HUD would no longer be visible
  • Fixed: Yeti King not doing touch damage in custom levels
  • Fixed: If player was holding an arrow and got hit by an arrow trap, the arrow the player was holding would also damage the player as it flew out of their hands
  • Fixed: Caveman, Hawkman, Yeti, Vampire and ManTrap would never recover from stun effect if they were caught in a web and not touching the ground
  • Fixed: If player died before the recently collected amount of money (yellow numbers) was finished being added to total amount, they would miss out on the collected amount on their high score, even though the final score on the game over screen would display the correct total.
  • Fixed: When playing as the tunnel man, when the player meets the NPC tunnel man in the transition room, the player sprite reverts to main dude sprite after talking to the NPC tunnel man.
  • Fixed: Dead damsel would continue to make sounds when thrown or hit with bullets or machete
  • Fixed: Mouse cursor didn’t disappear after leaving the custom level loading menu by pressing escape key
  • Compass item now works in custom levels
  • Fixed: Some objects stuck in lava would remain floating in the air when lava was destroyed
  • Fixed: Collision bug where player was less likely to be damaged by a flying arrow when carrying another
  • Fixed: When playing as the damsel and climbing the rope to exit on the title screen, sprite would revert back to main dude
  • Fixed: If player threw a rope while holding a damsel and falling downwards, the rope would hurt the damsel
  • Fixed: Breaking jars with the whip produced double amount of contents
  • Fixed: Whipping a stunned shopkeeper woke him up
  • Fixed: If music was stopped and the started again in a custom level, it always be reset to the ‘cave’ tune
  • Fixed: Arrows on the ground always faced right

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