The Path Ahead

I’ve added some visuals to one of my existing Spelunky mods to compliment Darius Kazemi’s latest essays on how level generation works in Spelunky. Be sure to read the first essay, “Generating the Solution Path” to follow what’s happening in the images below.

Spelunky Solution Path 01 Mines

A quick recap of the room types that are part of the solution path:

  • Room type 1 has exits on each side.
  • Room type 2 has exits on the sides and bottom. If another room type 2 is directly above, it has an exit at the top.
  • Room type 3 has exits on the sides and top.

Spelunky Solution Path 02 Jungle

Also note that while rooms that aren’t part of the solution path may create alternative routes by chance, the solution path is intended to allow the player to reach the exit without the need of bombs or ropes.

Spelunky Solution Path 03 Temple

More images in the next post!

Spelunky Solution Path 04 City of Gold

Here’s a video of the previous version of the mod. All it does is change the scale of the game to allow the whole level to be in view, while generating a new level every 15 seconds. The idea was to create a series of videos or animated GIFs to show off the variety of possible levels. Watch in full-screen HD to avoid blurry pixels.

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